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M300 Series 

Data Acquisition/Switch System

M300 Series Data Acquisition/Switch System with modular structure, which combines precision measurement capability with flexible signal connections, can provide versatile solutions for the applications with multiple points or signals to be tested in product performance test during R&D phase as well as automatic test during production process.

Feature and Benifits
  • Up to 320 switch channels per mainframe,save on cost of ownership
  • Can be run without PC
  • USB logging
  • Interval scanning with storage of up to 100,000 time-stamped 
  • 8 kinds of Modules supported
  • 6 1/2 DMM can be enabled/disabled in any of slots
  • Standard SCPI 
  • Math statistics:AVG, MAX, MIN, SDEV
  • 4.3' LCD with intuitive GUI
  • Powerful PC software 
  • Full Interfaces supported: USB Device,USB Host, GPIB,LAN(LXI-C), RS232
Advanced functions
  • Modular construction,large screen display,can be run without PC
  • Channel Configuration Guide 

Measurement Configuration 

Scaling Configuration 


Alarm Configuration Advanced Configuration
  • Channel Monitor
Single Channel Monitor Multiple/All Channel Monitor
  • Multi-View Switch
Display real-time scan information and all the measurement data of the channel selected  Display real-time channel status
Draw scan data curves Record each relay cycle on each module
Alarm Information Error Information
  • Multiple Configuration Copy Functions
Multiple configuration copy function, can configure multiple channels conveniently and quickly Module Copy
Channel Copy Extended Copy
  • To Control Each Module Separately
To control each module separately MC3132 Control Interface
MC3164 Control Interface MC3648 Control Interface
MC3534 Control Interface MC3416 Control Interface
  • Channel Configuration of Ultra Acquire Pro
  • Data Analysis of Ultra Acquire Pro
  • Ordering Information
    Description   Ordering No.
  Mainframe   M300 Data Acquisition/Switch System   M300
     M300 Data Acquisition/Switch System + DMM Module   M301
    M300 Data Acquisition/Switch System + DMM Module + MC3120 20-channel Multiplexer   M302
  Standard Accessories   Power Cord conforming to the standard of the country   - 
    USB Cable   CB-USB-150
    Mixed-interface Separator Line   MIX-SEPARATOR
    Four Spare Fuses:
  2 AC, 250 V, T3.15 A fuses
  2 AC, 250 V, T250 mA fuses
    Quick Guide   -
    M300 Series standard control and  data analysis PC Software   Ultra Acquire
    Resource CD (User’s Guide and Ultra Acquire Application Software)   -
  Optional Accessories:
  DMM Module (6½ digits)   MC3065
    20-channel Multiplexer   MC3120
    32-channel Multiplexer   MC3132
    64-channel Single-ended Multiplexer   MC3164
    20-voltage-channel+4-current-channel Mixed Multiplexer   MC3324
    16-channel Actuator   MC3416
    Multifunction Module   MC3534
    4×8 Matrix Switch   MC3648
  Optional Accessories:
  Terminal Box
  MC3120 Terminal   M3TB20
    MC3132 Terminal   M3TB32
    MC3164 Terminal   M3TB64
    MC3324 Terminal   M3TB24
    MC3648 Terminal   M3TB48
    MC3534 Terminal   M3TB34
    MC3416 Terminal   M3TB16
  Optional Accessories   RS232 Cable     -
    External Port for Analog Bus Interface   M3A2B
    Rack Mount Kit   RM-1-M300
    Rack Mount Kit for Two Instruments   RM-2-M300
    M300 Series control and advanced data analysis PC Software   Ultra Acquire Pro
    GPIB Reverse Entry for M300   M3GPIB

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