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Viavi JD745A and JD7105B Base Station Analysers contain all of the features and capabilities required to perform field testing of wireless technologies at mobile base station/cell sites, from 2G to 4G. This combined functionality includes spectrum analysis, cable and antenna analysis, power meter, interference analysis, channel scanner, E1/T1 analysis, and signal analysis.

The Base Station Analysers have an easy, helpful user interface. The interface is consistent and intuitive across all of the multiple functions. This creates a common menu structure that is easy to use. Built-in help guides users through each measurement task. Screenshots of any functions can be saved as a graphic file for report generation and traces can be saved for post-analysis into the instrument's internal memory or external USB memory device. The stored data easily transfers to a PC through a USB or Ethernet port.

The Viavi Base Station Analysers have one of the best sensitivity and selectivity specifications. With the built-in preamplifier, measurements can be taken at as low as -160 dBm (JD7105B) with a 1 Hz RBW. The low SSB phase noise allows you to detect very low level spurs or noise signals which are close to the carrier. The narrow (1 Hz) bandwidth ensures the identification of signals that are very close in frequency. In addition, the narrow RBW means that the displayed noise level can be reduced, improving sensitivity. An Auto Sweep time and Auto RBW/VBW allows an easy set up for a fast sweep time whilst ensuring accurate measurement.

These Base Station Analysers have a strong enclosure for harsh environments and the backlit key panel makes nocturnal maintenance tasks possible.

  • Multiple functions in one platform
  • Notification of RF problems before customer complains
  • Ensure signal quality to guarantee value added services
  • One-button standards based measurements of wireless signals
  • Easy to upgrade and future-proof
  • Capable of demodulation all
  • wireless technologies up to LTE
  • Easy to use Auto-Measure function presenting the RF and Modulation analysis in a summary screen

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