Capacitance meter AD6013

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Range Resolution Max.displaying in the ranges Measuring frequency Accuracy
200pF 0.1pF 199.9 pF 800Hz ±(0.5%+1)
2nF 1pF 1.999nF 800Hz
20nF 10pF 19.99nF 800Hz
200nF 100pF 199.9nF 800Hz
2uF 1000pF 1.999uF 800Hz
20uF 0.01uF 19.99uF 80Hz
200uF 0.1uF 199.9uF 8Hz
2000uF 1uF 1999uF 8Hz ±(2%+1)
20000uF 10uF 1999(×10)uF 8Hz

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