Noise generator - 593001

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A device designed to carry out attenuation and flatness testing in F.I. satellite installations with no
entry signal, connected to a Televés FSM or MTD series field strength meter.



It allows to generate a sign of noise from 5 to 3000 Mhz


Equipped with a thumbwheel allowing the output level to be varied by 10 ± 2 dB in 10 steps
1.- Normal signal output. Electrical connection from installation to power the simulator.
2.- Output attenuated by 30 dB compared to output obtained in 1. If the attenuated output is used,
the main output must be charged.
3.- Thumbwheel to vary the output level in both connectors by 10 ± 2 dB.
4.- LED indicator
5.- Connector to provide external power to the simulator using the DC adaptor



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