Terms and Conditions

Conditions of sale
Updated : June 2017

1. Overview

1.1 . All sales by ADVANCED DIGITAL INSTRUMENTS SL, (hereinafter AD Instruments) shall be subject to these Terms . No modification , alteration or agreement contrary to the Commercial Proposal AD Instruments or herein shall have effect unless expressly agreed in writing signed by the contracting parties in which case such individual agreements prevail .

1.2 . AD Instruments amend product specifications regarding the information provided in its advertising, which can affect the value of the products offered.

1.3 . The identity and address of the supplier , product features , price, transport costs , payment are contained in the front of the General Conditions .

1.4 . By accepting this contract , you declare:

        i . who is of age and has capacity to contract and
      ii . have read and accept the terms and conditions. This document can be printed and stored by Customers .


Two . Price and Payment

2.1. Prices quoted do not include VAT, and are valid except where typing error.
Customer will be informed before accepting any order , prices , features and availability of the products marketed by AD Instruments may vary by technological advances .

2.2 . The price of the product is one that at the time of acceptance of the order by AD Instruments is in force . All orders are subject to acceptance thereof by AD Instruments .
AD Instruments not send any request to verify that the payment has been made.

2.3 . In case of default by Customer , in whole or in part , on the due date agreed for one or more product shipments , AD Instruments opt to discontinue or cancel any further shipping or pending contract without incurring any liability for damage or loss , including lost profits , or damages resulting from delay or loss of production incurred by the Customer . This does not relieve Customer of its outstanding contractual obligations regarding payments due and receipt of products.

2.4 . In case of delay in receipt or removal of the goods by the Customer , AD Instruments may store the goods at the expense and risk of the Client at his premises or at a third party, and the Customer shall be obliged to pay occur of many expenses are incurred by AD Instruments or the third.

2.5. For the Customer to purchase by credit / debit card through the website, and make the store pickup , AD Instruments in compliance with current regulations at all times will save the / the product / s according the deadlines set by law


Three . Terms of Delivery

3.1 . Delivery of goods will be made , unless otherwise agreed , without prejudice to the provisions set out below. To exit the goods from our warehouse , the customer has full right to modify or cancel your order, except for those products that have developed as to the client or that were commissioned specifically for the Customer , for which AD asked Instruments Customer acceptance of a quotation or written request with the special conditions.

3.2 . Delivery shall be deemed made at the time the carrier has put the / the product / s and the Customer has signed the document on receipt of delivery . Corresponds to the Customer to check / the product / s to receive and present to the same carrier all the caveats and claims to be justified in the document delivery receipt , or within 24 hours of receipt , if no damage externally noticeable . AD Instruments may make delivery before the agreed date and make partial deliveries if deemed appropriate , will produce delivery and passing of risk in terms of the price chargeable on that supply .

3.3 . Collection of product installations AD Instruments : recognition occurs after signing the delivery invoice.

3.4. Delivery times will , which at the time of placing the order , appearing on the availability of the same on the Web page. However, in case of simultaneous requests produced by different purchasers, that motivated to eventual stock, or permanent , of a product, the terms may be altered , as they are subject to the order booking and availability and / or supply goods by the suppliers. AD Instruments inform the Customer as soon as possible , any more than 7 days late on schedule , so that he states his intention to maintain or cancel the order. If the stocks were definite AD Instruments inform the client as soon as a possible alternative , depending on its features and price for the customer to choose between this or the cancellation of the order, with the consequent refund for early payment. Also, over ten days of the delivery date agreed for reasons attributable to AD Instruments, delays will give the customer the right to cancel the order, returning, in this case, the quantities that he could have anticipated.

3.5. AD Instruments is not liable for the failure to meet its obligations when it is due to events that could not have been foreseen, or even foreseen , were inevitable , or disabilities beyond their control (in case of force majeure as unforeseeable circumstances ) , including without limitation , acts of government or governmental , labor strikes themselves or others, or general , lockouts, civil disturbances , earthquakes and any other natural disasters , lack of or inability to obtain raw materials , supplies or equipment, lack of operation of the facilities , etc. .

3.6 . Except as provided in the General Conditions , AD Instruments shall not be liable for damages that may arise from the delay and / or non-delivery of the goods , including loss of profit or any damage or consequential injury resulting delay or loss of production as a result of the delay, the Client may suffer .

3.7 . On error justified in delivery, AD Instruments only accept returns in respect of products not opened and / or still in their original packaging intact .


April . Retention of title clause .

4.1 . Goods delivered , without prejudice to its direct possession has already been moved to the Customer property belong to AD Instruments to the total satisfaction of its price. Buyer may not pledge or assign as security to third parties, whether security , and personnel, whatever the medium, the goods until full payment . Until this occurs, the Customer shall keep the goods in good condition and identify , where appropriate , the property of AD Instruments . The exercise of the retention of title shall not imply a waiver of the enforcement of the contract or compensation for damages.

4.2 . However, in case of breach of the prohibition of transfer, without prejudice to any action that would place the Customer expressly cedes , under this document, any warranty claim against the same for AD Instruments, the credits in their favor against third parties arising as a result of the transfer or transformation, total or partial , of the commodity whose price has not been paid in full .

4.3 . In case of attachment or any other mode of intervention on the third commodity whose price has not been fully met , Customer will express evidence of the existence of this reservation of title and shall immediately inform in writing to AD Instruments .


May . Assurance Standards . Disclaimer .

5.1 . Customer will use the goods and / or the product according to the manufacturer's instructions . AD Instruments will not be responsible for any consequences that may result from improper use of the Client and / or any third parties arising from the failure to follow the instructions contained in the Owner's Manual or Safety Standards merchandise . AD Instruments will not be responsible for incorrect configuration and / or facilities and / or a computer malfunction caused by a non- AD Instruments supplied component.

5.2 . Title V of Legislative Royal Decree 1/2007 , Awarded Consumer demand options for sanitation goods that do not conform to the contract within two years. To do this, you can choose to repair or replacement if one of them is not impossible or disproportionate . Also, if repair or replacement is not remedied the lack of conformity , it may require the reduction of the price or the contract rescinded .
AD Instruments respond therefore any lack of conformity which exists at the time of delivery of the order and during the year following delivery. The warranty covers both labor and parts to replace, as well as shipping costs .
With respect to a given additional commercial warranty by the manufacturer , the customer will be directed to that contained in the document as a guarantor that formalize and / or in advertising .

All those supplies or temporary use items , ie those products using the same depreciation of it occurs, will be covered exclusively by the warranty offered by the manufacturer each time . AD Instruments does not offer an additional guarantee for the quality or defects arising from the use of consumable product. Customer must notify directly , from any defect or damage that may result from the use of this product, the manufacturer.

5.3 . The warranty is void when any of the following circumstances: Shock and / or improper transport , improper installation and / or installation errors , installation and / or connection of peripherals not compatible with the product, or improper power voltage surge power , manipulation by other service personnel of the manufacturer or AD Instruments, or manipulation of any band or label identification / control, fault or negligence of the Customer or third, or normal wear and tear , damage due to external events and / or accidents, shock, humidity control or other environmental conditions different to a safe and normal office and home environment , natural disasters such as storms, floods, lightning , earthquakes, fires , etc. . incidents due to problems with software or virus computer .

5.4 . AD Instruments perform repairs in accordance with the Act and , as appropriate, in the absence of the manufacturer, using new parts or equivalent to new in accordance with the practices and industry standards . AD Instruments reserves the right to refer to the manufacturer so that it make the appropriate repairs. If it is so, and overcome such repair within established by law, at your request will be duly informed by AD Instruments .
All repairs must be authorized by AD Instruments . For those products that were acquired at a distance, transport costs of shipping the defective product previously agreed between the Department of Aftersales and Customer or by e- mail at support@abacantodigital.com address, by phone at +34 91 6613037 . In case you have not contacted the Aftersales Department , the shipping charges will be borne by the Customer. Once repaired the product , the customer will be sent freight prepaid if you are under warranty , or postage due if you are out of warranty. In case the customer will pay the shipping costs of the product under warranty until AD Instruments facilities , it may be sent by e- mail , mail or fax a copy of the packing slip to request a refund of the shipping charges .

5.5 . The Customer shall give written notice to AD Instruments, by means affording evidence of receipt, in case of lack of conformity of the product with the specifications provided by the manufacturer or claims for defects or obvious defects in materials or workmanship , quality, quantity or other, within two months of its knowledge.

5.6 . To facilitate the work of repair, the Customer must provide a copy of the invoice and a detailed description of the defects. In the event that the manufacturer has a service for your product, the customer can go directly to it.

5.7 . You are required to make , at their own risk , back up all data before product delivery to AD Instruments for repair or testing. The total liability of AD Instruments, for any concepts not exceed , in any case , the total value of the defective goods supplied. AD Instruments shall in no case out of the provisions of this clause , responsible for any damages , especially for loss or damages expected results, delay or loss of profit production . Also expressly excluded liability for loss or damage to the information or data records. In any case, the Customer shall be bound to perform timely backups that allow the reconstruction of lost or damaged data .

5.8 . The allowances in this clause shall exclude any other compensation under defects or lack of quality or quantity.


6. Rate Guarantee .

6.1 . For items purchased in store, the customer may request exchange or redemption voucher for the same amount in the next 7 calendar days of the delivery date . AD Instruments will not accept returns if the product is not presented in perfect condition. Excluded were given their special characteristics : those products that are subject to market fluctuations outside the scope of the seller, such as: . Processors, memory RAM, Flash, etc. All those products have developed as to the customer; those products they were commissioned specifically for the client , all consumables , software or products that include software license, which had been opened and removed from his precinct by the Customer and all of those purchases as a result of business or autonomous activity.
7. Right of withdrawal .

7.1 . In distance sales, the Customer may freely withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receiving the product. Customer may request a refund of the price by bank or at a discount to the value of the product in a new order.

7.2 . The buyer must pay the direct costs of return and compensation for damage to this product . To make the return , it is necessary that the goods are in perfect condition, with all its complete accessories and with original packaging intact .

Customer to return the purchased product should do so in the original manufacturer's packaging , should do so through a carrier / freight Customer shall ensure that the original manufacturer's packaging may not be damaged , altered, damaged in any way. AD Instruments reserves the right to make a preliminary analysis of the goods before accepting such return.

7.3 . AD Instruments will not accept returns if the product is not presented in perfect condition. Excluded from the right of withdrawal, they given their special characteristics : those products that are subject to market fluctuations outside the scope of the seller, such as: . Processors, memory RAM, Flash, etc. Those products had developed as to customer , products that were commissioned specifically for the client , all consumables , software or products that include licensed software , which had been opened and removed from his precinct by the Customer and all of those purchases as a result of business or autonomous .

7.4 . Customer may make a refund personally or through a carrier. AD Instruments examine its contents , to verify their perfect state, for acceptance. The receipt of the returned goods will not under any circumstances accept or state compliance thereof; therefore , AD Instruments will have a term of 15 days to manifest Customer existing damage to the returned product whose compensation must satisfy the Customer.

7.5 . AD Instruments is empowered to suspend and / or cancel deliveries of goods, or, if appropriate , withdraw and / or terminate the Contract , without thereby becomes liable for damages ( including lost profits ) , if Customer would not be affected , voluntarily or involuntarily , for any kind of liquidation, insolvency , bankruptcy or insolvency , lack of legal capacity , Fx default or any other signs of deterioration in the assets of the Customer .


8. Using Customer Data

8.1 . Customer authorizes AD Instruments, to use your data for the business relationship as a prerequisite for the recruitment of certain services, and sell them to the companies with which in turn keeps relations group or business , subject to the right of access, cancellation or rectification may exercise the Customer at any time and by any means, to lopd@adinstruments.es email address and phone +34 91 6613037 AD Instruments .

9. export

9.1 . Should be required for export of the products will be in peril Client compliance with applicable regulations , licensing or permits and formalities in general.

9.2 . The conditions of sale , delivery and passing of risk in any case will export Incoterms ICC . If delivery of the goods shall apply the General Conditions , referring this at the risk of the Client who must satisfy the transportation charges.


10. Governing Law.

10.1 . These General Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Spain .

10.2 . Except in the cases established in the current legislation , which lacks jurisdiction , the parties submit to the Courts of Madrid, to resolve any disputes arising from the interpretation , application, enforcement , etc. . this contract.

10.3 . The possible invalidity of all or part of any of the General or Particular Conditions , shall not affect the validity of the contract itself , having integrated the will of the parties with respect to the invalid, and being fully apply the rest of Terms .

10.4 . The Customer declares that he knows the contents of this contract not only for his writing on the bill, but also because the extended General Conditions are in the same Web page www.adinstruments.es