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MM-2500 is used in testing RF Level, Modulation, Frequency simulataneously which has wide frequency range from 20MHz to 2.5GHz. The product provides high-speed measurement by adopting interpolator & OCXO, more stable Measurement in RF level with frequency-temperature calibration technology and lower distortion in 2.0 ~ 2.5GHz with built in down converter specially designed to obtain better demodulation.


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HP8901B is used in testing RF Level, Modulation, Frequency simultaneously which has wide frequency range from 150 KHz to 1,3 GHz.

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All in one tool
AD7000A series is integrated with cable&antenna analyzer and spectrum analyzer option. Users can perform measurement for wireless and broadcasting base station installation, maintenance with only one instrument.
Fast measurement speed
With 1.5ms/point sweep time, it is better for field measurement.
Large internal memory
With more than 1GB internal memory space, AD7000A series can save more 2000 trace files.
Flexible calibration mode
AD7000A series has 2 calibration modes. Standard OSL(OPEN-SHORT-LOAD) calibration is more accurate. Full span calibration is based on the stand OSL mode. With this mode, users don’t need to re-calibrate the E7000 series when change the frequency range.
Easy data link
AD7000A series has one 10M/100M LAN port. It supports standard SCPI program interface which is open to user for developing user defined program.
AD7000A series has 2 USB ports. It is easy to import and export files between the instrument and USB disk.


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