Sets REBT-1 CAT. Specialist

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Sets REBT-1  CAT. Specialist: formed by:

  • AD6830: Analyzer of networks and harmonic, it includes 1000A clamps, connection USB and software for PC.
  •  AD4120: Ground Meter
  •  AD9985: Isolate Meter analogical / digital 1000V/10 Gohm.
  •  AD2811: Digital loop impedance meter
  •  AD4112: Digital RCD meter.
  •  AD8809: Luxómeterlwith datalogger and USB.
  •  LVD-17: Tension detector with ajsute of sensibility.
  •  AD3348: Clamp wattmeter AC/DC TRUE RMS
  • AD9809: High resolution 1 uA AC leakage clamp meter
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